Nobody likes to celebrate divorces, but some cake will do…

Hello BWP Family, Divorce rates has rise ever since covid-19 pandemic, this is something no one wants to hear, but we have a solution…. Divorce Cake is the solution! A very enjoyable strain that is sweet and tasty. This strain … Readmore

Black Friday’s Got Customers Rushing Through Our Home Page…

Hello BWP Family, Its been a while since I’ve reached out to our wonderful subscribers :). I hope everyone enjoys our Black Friday and have a wonderful weekend! -Mary Jane 5% Code “BLK5” Featured Strain of the Week Brownie Scout … Readmore

Remembering all the soldiers…

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login Hello BWP Family, Let’s All Take a Moment To Remember All Of The Fallen Soliders.. -Mary Jane 5% Code ” Army5″ Featured Strain of the Week Black Nuken Cheap Weed – … Readmore

Bruce Banner will turn you into the Hulk…

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login   Hello BWP Family, One of the fan favorite strains has arrived again….. Prepare yourself before smoking a joint of this beautiful strain. This won’t hit you like a truck but … Readmore

No Tricks, Just Treats…..

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login I hope everyone has Happy Halloween, party safe, dress up, and let us know who you are being in our discord channel, best dress will get a DM from us 🙂 … Readmore

Wise Words from An OG named Yoda….

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login   Hello BWP Family, ” Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger Leads to Hate. Hate leads to suffering. ” as said by one of … Readmore

Monkey in Space? Somethings you just can’t unseen…..

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login Hello BWP Family, We have updated our website with an Edible Mix and Match discount code. Get your favorite edibles from many different types of brands. We have added a few … Readmore

Purple Death Bubba Deserves Multiple Thumbs Up

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login   Hello BWP Family, We have restocked on our fan favorite strain, Purple Death Bubba. If you haven’t gotten to try out this strain yet, this is the perfect opportunity because … Readmore

Black Diamonds are everyone’s best friends!

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login Hello BWP Family, Black Diamond is known to cause fits of giggles and is a great strain for hanging out with friends or catching up on TV shows at home. It … Readmore

Buy Weed Online Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia prides itself as the only place on earth known to produce Tidal Bay wines. That aside, it is also the largest per-capita consumer of cannabis. On average, the people of Nova Scotia consume 15000 kilograms of cannabis each … Readmore