Nothing to Sweet like our New Cotton Candy Kush, Better Yet its Apart of Cheap Weed’s Section!

Shop      About Us      Reviews      SignUp/Login   Hello BWP Family, Who grow up not liking Cotton Candy, I haven’t heard one single person say they disliked Cotton Candy. Now as an adult we do not like sweet … Readmore

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Hello BWP Family, It’s been a long time since we had a chat, we been busy moving locations as some of you have heard. We are now back running at 100%. We have added tons of Cheap Weed strains and … Readmore

What is a Hybrid Marijuana Strain?

While the two main strains of marijuana are Sativa and Indica, there exists a spectrum of grown plants that combine these two breeds. These new varieties, of which there are many, are called hybrid strains and the majority of cannabis … Readmore

What Is Indica Weed?

Having adapted to dry climates, Cannabis Indica is a short, dense-branched bush-like plant that originally came from the arid mountain regions of India or central Asia. Being distinct from Sativa, while also sharing similar qualities, Indica has a different cannabinoid … Readmore