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  • 19657
    Cheap Weed – Lemon Thai Kush


    Looks great nice lil tight buds, strong smell with good burn 10/10

  • 19696
    Budget Buds – Blueberry


    That was some really nice kool-aid !

  • 19714


    Smells amazing, tastes amazing and the high is great, perfect for daytime !

  • 19739
    Lemon Kush


    Strong lemon smell and a sweet taste, the buds are beautiful and it's pretty sticky, perfect for a relaxing daytime sesh.. i recommend !

  • 19677
    Cheap Weed – Meat Breath


    Id say has a fitting name and one of the most unique tastes you will ever taste..its definitely not bad but its definitely not good but after you try it out whichever it is doesnt even matter because the it makes you and bakes you like baked toast...and the orange fur it sports makes it one awesome looking exotic strain everyone should try once at on my 8th try and still high

  • 19657
    Cheap Weed – Lemon Thai Kush


    Some of the tightest nugs ive seen in years, and it was so sticky i had to sweep it out of the coffee grinder with the brush..not a speck came out after letting it sit for less then a minute..i loved everything about it until i smoked it..great buzz and it burns really nice but i find it tastes alot like PotPourri all fairness im very susceptible ( meaning the smell is amplified tenfold) to laundry detergent flowery smells so it probably wont even bother others..

  • 19987
    Budget Buds – Tropic Thunder


    I got this as a free gift and after the first exhale immediately wish i had bought at least a zip of it! Definitely worthy of a 6 star review if it were such a thing The tropical fruity smell and taste are so strong i just know this is the strain that people smoke when they are in paradise...Its worth whatever they are asking for it.. Guaranteed to put a smile on your( and anyone you decide to share it withs) face

  • 19647
    Cheap Weed – Crystal Coma


    This here bud is a steal at these price crumbs at the bottom and all...smooth smoke with a strange taste and faint a citrus smell after you bust up some nugs...then a great all around balances high that you can go get stuff done or hit it a few more times and have a munchie filled Lax day..itll make everyone smile .

  • 11433
    Tom Ford Pink Kush

    [email protected]

    1st time customer. Just shy of a qp for $175. Christ, I use to pay that for an oz of shitty flower. Thank you for the freebies BWP. Insane delivery speed!!! British Columbia to Ontario in 48 hours. (Yes, you read that right!) I found the flower to be slightly dry, (easily adjusted with a humidification stone) but that's my personal preference. Based on price and delivery alone, you've gained another loyal customer. Cheers!

  • 19138
    Budget Buds – Skunk #1

    Smokey Dopey

    Great smoke! Awesome price! 👌 thanks BWP

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