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  • 10274
    Gas Mask


    This strain is 100% accurate in description and picture. Beautiful deep purple and coated in crystal. Heavy hitting.

  • 9200
    Free 1 Gram of Weed (Sativa) – (You Can Request The Specific Strain In Your Comments)


    I choose tangerine dream and wow just amazing strain!😜😜

  • 9883
    Budget Buds Red Fire OG


    Very nice product for the price.look great and burn like a charm!Thx BWP 👍👍👍

  • 9581
    Alien Cookies


    Très bon choix! Belles fleurs compacte givrées, senteur bizzare mais d'une bonne façon. Brûle bien avec un gros "oil ring". L'effet est la et dure, ça me va =) / Very good pick! Nice compact frosty buds, weird smell but in a good way. Burned good with a big oil ring. Long lasting effects, suits me just fine =)

  • 10204
    Peyote Cookies


    Really happy with the tasty sweet and sugary smoke.. goood indica buzzz... product as described and fresh, as always around here.. got munchies for a cookie of peyote tho

  • 9863
    Budget Buds Kosher Kush

    Mary Jane

    hehe awesome comment :)!

  • 9863
    Budget Buds Kosher Kush


    זה באמת חשיש טוב במחיר sry, must be the weed having me speak Hebrew. Can't believe the price fur such high quality, really good stuff and fresh

  • 9616
    Scarface OG


    sticky, smelly and packs a punch... Smoked it, got up then fell face first. Now i've got a scar on my face. Great stuff and fresh... as usual here

  • 9878
    Budget Buds Purple Nuken


    great buzz and delicious. totally worth the buy

  • 10283
    Jet Fuel


    J'ai eu un échantillon. Bud un peu sec donc fort en gorge, mais rien de négatif autre que ça.

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